Who you can complain about

You can lodge a complaint about anyone registered or authorised by the Board to carry out electrical work for the public. You can complain about an individual, or a number of individuals. You can complain about a person or persons who were not authorised or licensed to undertake electrical work. However, you cannot lay a complaint about a company in respect of a disciplinary offence - it must be the individual(s) who did the work. You can lodge a complaint about a company if that company did, or caused to be done, electrical work which could lead to prosecution proceedings initiated by the Board.

Registered and authorised workers include electricians; electrical service technicians; electrical inspectors, trainees (apprentices); line mechanics; qualified engineers; tradespersons (plumbers and gasfitters with an electrical work certificate) and provisional licence holders.

If your complaint is about a registered or authorised worker, the Board will consider an Investigator's report and recommendations.

If your complaint is about an unregistered or unauthorised worker, or a company, the Board will, following investigation, recommend action such as prosecution if justified.

However, before any complaints are investigated, the Registrar will determine that the complaint is not frivolous or vexatious.