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What you should know

There are a few types of electrical work you can do yourself, without being a qualified electrical worker. To find out more, see the ‘DIY/when you need an electrical worker’ page on this site. Other than these exempt tasks, ‘doing it yourself’ or having electrical work done by unqualified tradespeople is not only unsafe, but illegal. It is very easy to pick up the phone and dial the first name in the book, but advertising is not proof of a competent and safe electrical service. Find a licensed electrical worker by searching the public register.

You should ask to see the electrical worker’s licence before work starts. Having a current practising licence means that he/she is up to date on current safety procedures and has access to electrical standards.

When work is finished, ask for a Certificate of Compliance and/or Electrical Safety Certificate. Electrical workers are required by law to certify certain work. The certification is a public assurance that the work has been carried out by an authorised person and that it complies with the safety requirements.

Licensed electrical workers are professionals and are there to do the job safely and correctly. If you have a problem with electrical work that has been carried out, contact the worker or company in the first instance with your concerns. In the unlikely event that the problem is not resolved, you can make a complaint about dangerous or faulty electrical work. Alternatively, if you are worried about any electrical work you have had done, phone 0800 66 1000 for assistance and advice.

DIY/When do I need an electrical worker?

There is a limited amount of electrical work you can do when wiring in your own home. Read more about DIY/When do I need an electrical worker?

Types of electrical worker

Just because someone is a registered and licensed electrical worker, it does not mean he or she can do any type of electrical work. There are 10 classes of... Read more about Types of electrical worker

Find an electrical worker

You can find an electrical worker by using the online Public Register. Read more about Find an electrical worker

How do I know work done is safe and compliant?

A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) certifies that installation work and connection to an energy supply has been done in accordance with New Zealand’s electrical and safety standards. Check with... Read more about How do I know work done is safe and compliant?


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