If you wish to be registered/licensed to carry out prescribed electrical work you must hold an appropriate registration.

Electrical registration entitles you to carry out prescribed electrical work unsupervised that is applicable to the class of registration you hold.

If you are a trainee, you can get a trainee limited certificate to work under supervision until you qualify for full registration.

Registration application form [PDF, 118 KB]

Registration requirements

For your registration to be approved by the Board, you must first successfully complete three types of training. Completing the training also ensures a practising licence can be issued at the same time as registration is approved.

1. Competence-based training

You need to train through an appropriate industry training organisation that has an agreement with the Board.

  • The Skills Organisation
  • ESITO: Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation
  • Competence Programme Providers
  • Competence Programmes

2. Time-based training

You need to:

  • Pass the appropriate exam or exams
  • Complete the appropriate practical assessment
  • Demonstrate sufficient work experience for the registration class

Read more about exams

Training providers for electrical exams

Rules of the Electrical Workers Registration Board - Training and/or experience for electrical registration when applicants have not completed competence based training programmes [PDF, 50 KB]

3. Safety training

For all registration classes, any person applying for registration must have completed a safety training course including safe working practices, testing, basic first and CPR prior to application.

Find an approved provider of safety training: Competence Programme Providers [PDF, 761 KB]