[image] Save time and money when applying for practising licence online.

The 2017 relicensing round will run from 3 April 2017 till 30 June 2017.

All 2015/17 practising licences will expire on 30 June 2017.

All registered electrical workers must hold a practising licence to carry out prescribed electrical work. This is a requirement of Section 95 of the Electricity Act 1992.

What you can do to prepare for the relicensing round

If you want to renew your licence you will need:

  • A RealMe user name and password (hyperlink to RealMe info further down the page)
  • Up-to-date competency training (hyperlink to competency info further down the page)
  • A photo, if this is your first time applying for a licence, or if you want to change the photo currently on your card (hyperlink to RealMe info further down the page)
  • To check that your details (address, employer etc) are up to date on the EWRB Register. This is especially important if your employer will be renewing your licence for you – as they will not be able to renew it until your details are updated.

It’s best to have these things ready to go, so when the relicensing round opens, you can renew quickly and easily.

The fastest and cheapest way to renew your practising licence is to do it online. You can pay for your licence renewal by Mastercard, Amex or Visa credit/debit card, or through an Account2Account bank transfer.*

You can also renew your license on paper. Paper forms will be available soon, and a link to them will be provided from this page. Please note that paper practising licence renewal is $190, $70 more expensive than renewing online.

*The Account2Account option is currently unavailable however it will be available once the 2017 relicensing round opens in April 2017.

Using RealMe

RealMe (external link) (external link) is the Government’s single login system.

Don’t worry if you cannot remember your RealMe / iGovt login details. Click Renew Licence Now (external link) (external link) and then click ‘Login’. Once on the login screen, click the I forgot my username and /or I forgot my password links to recover your login details. If this is the first time you have used RealMe our online form will automatically create a login for you.

Just click Renew Licence Now (external link) (external link) and follow the instructions on screen. You will be asked for an activation code which should be printed in the reminder letter sent to you by the Board, or call us on 0800 661 000 if you can’t find it.

Competency Training

To renew your practising licence, you must have passed a Board-approved competency training programme. The course you attend must be relevant to the class of registration you hold, and must be current before you are able to renew your practising licence.

To ensure the renewal of your practising licence for 2017/2019 is not held-up, it is recommended that you update your safety training in advance of your existing licence expiring on 30 June 2017.

Book your training today to ensure you have completed a key part of your licensing requirements.

View the list of training providers. [PDF, 126 KB]

Photo ID

You don’t need to upload a new photo when you relicense.

You only need to submit a photo for your ID if this is your first time applying for a licence, or if you want to change the photo that is currently on your licence.

If you are submitting a photo, please make sure the photo is:

  • Less than six months old
  • A face, head and shoulders shot, looking directly at the camera
  • Without sunglasses or glasses with tinted lenses that obscure your eyes.
  • 3:4 – width to height ratio in full colour
  • Between 50KB and 5MB in size in JPEG or JPG type (or printed image for paper applications).

If your photo does not meet these requirements, or if the Board feels it’s unsuitable for use on an ID card, they may refuse the photo.

To help make sure you have a suitable photo, we encourage you to have your photo taken at your nearest PostShop (external link) (external link) . There’s a 25% discount for electrical workers who purchase a photo (either printed or electronic) at a PostShop store.

Photos are required to make it easier to identify you as a legitimate electrical worker. You can also choose to have your photo available on the public register, which will help protect both you and the consumer.

Employer payments

With your employer’s agreement you can choose to have your employer pay your practising licence fee if they are registered as an employer in our system and recorded in your online profile. Log in (external link), (external link) then click My Profile and Employer Details to look for them in the list of employers registered to pay practising licence fees.

It’s important that you check your employer name is correct in your online profile, particularly if your employer is relicensing on your behalf. Your employer is not be able to add you to their list of employees if you are listed as an employee of another company and have not been removed from that original company. You can update the employer name yourself in your online profile.

If you’re an employer looking for information on how to relicense your employees in bulk, Download the system guide for employers [PDF, 3.7 MB].

Download the Authority to accept Direct Debits form. [PDF, 46 KB]

What happens if I do not require a practising licence?

Even if you do not require a practising licence this year, you still need to complete the relicensing form. Simply:

  • Check your personal details are correct, and
  • Click 'no practising licence required' in the practising licence section.


Did you know you can print your invoice once you have paid for your registration?

To do this, click on the Invoices’ link from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and you can view all available invoices.

A view of what this looks like is below:

[image] Invoices - Registration / Licence Invoices example screenshot.