Training and qualifications

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If you want to know about careers or review requirements by class, get info about trainees, training providers, exams, practical assessments and competency programmes or find out about safety training for trainees and LCs or recognition of overseas qualifications, you'll find it all in this section, together with FAQs.


There are 10 classes of electrical registration, offering different work requirements and opportunities. Read more about Careers

Requirements by class

There are 10 classes of registration and each has different entitlement criteria and registration requirements. Read more about Requirements by class


A trainee is a person who is undergoing instruction or training in any class of prescribed electrical work for the purpose of obtaining registration. They include apprentices who are... Read more about Trainees

Training providers

You can get your electrical worker technical training, such as the Electricians Theory exam, from Board-approved training providers throughout New Zealand and overseas. Read more about Training providers


One of the requirements of registration is to complete and pass the appropriate examination for the class of registration you are seeking. Read more about Exams

Practical assessments

For overseas applicants and trainees not doing National Certificates your training will include practical assessments. Read more about Practical assessments

Competence programmes

All registered electrical workers must hold a practising licence to carry out prescribed electrical work. This is a requirement of section 95 of the Electricity Act 1992. Read more about Competence programmes

Safety training for trainees and LCs

Within 3 months of applying for your Limited Certificate you are required to do Safety Training comprising of Safe Working Practices, Testing, CPR and First Aid. Read more about Safety training for trainees and LCs

Requirements for overseas applicants

To work in New Zealand as an electrician or other electrical worker, you need to gain a New Zealand registration and a practising licence. The Electrical Workers Registration Board (the... Read more about Requirements for overseas applicants


Frequently Asked Questions about training & qualifications.  Read more about FAQs