One of the requirements of registration is to complete and pass the appropriate examination for the class of registration you are seeking.

The Board has set the rules relating to all aspects of examinations and practical assessments.

Courses, examinations and practical assessments are carried out by training providers throughout New Zealand.

Exams are managed by your training provider, not by the Board. You apply through your training provider to sit exams and send your exam application form to your examination centre.

Find an approved training provider.

Exam application form

In order to sit an examination an application form must be filled in and signed. The exam fee for all EWRB exams is $85 and may be charged by the training provider as part of a course fee or if you are re-sitting an exam, or sitting at an exam centre different from your training provider, the fee will be requested at the time of application. A sitting fee that covers the administration costs of running the exam can also be requested at the same time by the exam centre.

The application form and exam fee must be received by the exam centre at least 10 working days before the exam date. As you are paying the exam centre, who then pay the Board, any payment form that they accept is sufficient.

Late exam application will be accepted up to five working days before the exam date, but you will have to pay an additional $85.

Download the exam application form [PDF, 95 KB]

Exam dates

Here you will find the scheduled exam dates of EWRB examinations. Also on this page will be announcements of any "special exams" being held that you may wish... Read more about Exam dates

Material for exams

Here you will find both the lists of material needed for EWRB exam courses as well as the reference material allowed in during examinations. Read more about Material for exams

Assistance for sitting exams

If you need help to sit exams, find out here if you fit the criteria and download the form you fill in. Read more about Assistance for sitting exams

Special exams

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Exam results

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Re-marking and return of exam scripts

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Top Achievers

Check here for the names of those that attained 95% or more for their EWRB exam. Read more about Top Achievers

Examination reports

After each round of exams the Chief Examiner writes a report on the papers and results. Check here to read them. Read more about Examination reports


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