Re-marking and return of exam scripts

Re-marking of examination scripts is available to all candidates up to 21 days after the posting of a failed result notification. An Application for a Re-mark form must accompany a fee of $85.00 and be received by the EWRB within those 21 days. After 28 days the examination script is returned to candidates thereby negating the option for you to obtain a re-mark.

If you wish to have your script back earlier than the 28 day re-marking period, fill in the Early Return of Examination Script application, there is a fee of $85.00 and your exam paper is scanned before the original is returned. If you then decide to apply for a re-mark the scanned copy is sent for re-marking.

Please note that normally re-marking is no longer possible once Examination scripts are returned to candidates (unless we scan the script beforehand).