A trainee is a person who is undergoing instruction or training in any class of prescribed electrical work for the purpose of obtaining registration. They include apprentices who are working in the electricity industry.

If you are working towards obtaining an electrical registration, you will be required to uplift a trainee limited certificate for a trainee so that the Board will be able to recognise your work experience.

If a trainee wishes to assist with carrying out all the prescribed electrical work their supervisor is entitle to do they must obtain a trainee limited certificate.

The certificate is issued with the expectation that trainees will complete their coursework and examinations during the currency of the trainee limited certificate.

The requirements for obtaining a trainee limited certificate are that:

  • The trainee's employer supports their application and completes the relevant section of the application form; and
  • The trainee’s tuition in safe working practices and testing, CPR, and basic first aid is completed within 3 months of the issuing of the Trainee Limited Certificate.

The duration of limited certificates for each class is shown below:

Registration category to which trainee is aspiringDuration of limited certificate
Electrician 4 years
Electrical Service Technician 18 months
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (Endorsed to disconnect and connect) 18 months
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson 18 months
Line Mechanic 2 years
Electrical Installer 2 years
Cable Jointer 2 years
Electrical Engineer 3 years
Associated Tradesperson - Plumber & Gasfitter 4 years

Any application for renewal of a limited certificate will be granted provided the trainee can demonstrate that every attempt has been made to fulfil the initial issuing requirements.

Trainee Limited Certificate application form

  • Please ensure the application form is fully completed otherwise your application will not be processed.
  • Each application must be posted to the Registrar, Electrical Workers Registration Board, PO Box 10156, Wellington 6143.
  • The fee for a Trainee Limited Certificate is currently $91.
  • The applicants safety tuition in safe working practises, testing, basic first aid and CPR must be valid i.e. carried out not more than 24 months prior to the application for the certificate, or in the case of line mechanic and cable jointers the requirements is 14 months and 7 months for CPR.
  • Download the Trainee Limited Certificate application form [PDF, 99 KB].